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Grid Group GmbH

Grid Group GmbH as a provider for trainings needed a solution to offer their trainings portfolio to customers online via webbased trainings. Since the customer was used to Wordpress we built a solution in responsive HTML5 design based on Wordpress plugins. On this platform we handled subscription-based payments and huge embedded media files.

Zappiti Media Control

You need a video jukebox like the apple TV? Zappiti is just the right app for you.

Select the program of your choice (movie, TV series, music) using the search criteria (title, actor, director, album, track, singer, ...), then run it to watch it on your Dune HD media player.

Giving you access to your library and music library in a fun and intuitve way, iPhone, iPad, iPod turns into a true interactive remote.

Date: June, 2013

Vaketta Corporation Sàrl

Responsive web CMS based on WordPress for a mobile commerce online-shop.

Technologies: *
PHP | WordPress | Responsive Design

Le Quiz Malin

Thousands of questions to discover clever tips with Malin Quiz answers. 

You will love your grandmother! In how economiser.fr, we love tips & tricks and we want you to love it too. That is why we have selected just for you, thousands of surprising issues among 3,000 tips available on our website.

Date: March, 2013


MeTime is a social network dedicated to babysitting. This social network allows parents to aks for help to care for their children. Built as a native iOS app, it is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Date: March, 2013

Snack Finder iOS/Android

The user of the application can locate snacks compared to a nearest ones or within a certain radius. By research with simple and fast criteria, the user will find snacks, depending on local time and the type of preferred food snack!

Date: March, 2014

Un DJ Chez Vous

Mobile Application developed for Android and iOS.

iOS | Android

Yedess WordPress Web CMS

Responsive Web CMS based on WordPress.

PHP | WordPress | Responsive Design

Perfecto Pizza

Responsive Web CMS based on WordPress for a Mobile Commerce online-shop.

PHP | WordPress | Responsive Design

A La Conquete Du Monde

Multi platform applikation developed for Facebook, iOS and Android.

PHP | Symfony2 | HTML | CSS | JS | iOS | Android

DocMine Company Site


PHP | Responsive Design

Prodeco Company Site

Responsive Web CMS based on WordPress for a mobile commerce online-shop.

PHP | WordPress | Responsive Design

Chrono Coque

Responsive Web CMS based on WordPress for a mobile commerce online-shop.

PHP | WordPress | Responsive Design

Pilon Raffa Web CMS

Responsive Web CMS based on WordPress for a company presentation.

PHP | WordPress | Responsive Design

Au Fer Battu Web CMS

Responsive Web CMS based on WordPress for a company presentation.

PHP | WordPress | Responsive Design

Bon Pur Cadeau Online-shop

Mobile commerce online-shop based on PrestaShop.

PHP | PrestaShop

E.ON Grosskunden App

Together with the engery supplier a App for the E.ON key Account business has been designed and developed. Yanogo provided the design and development team to create a mobile App for iPad, iPhone and Android phone, which makes information about product innovations and live share prices of the Frankfurt Energy Exchange available.



Pepite iOS App

Social Media mobile application developed for iOS.


Consulting Uniper Energy Sales

We support the digital team of our customer Uniper in managing the SCRUM team, consisting of Onsite and Offshore collegues, since 2015.The SaaS platform, Uniper Digital, provides several services from the energy sector. The Yanogo Team supports in questions of IT architecture, conception of new features and the coordination of the SCRUM team.

Bourbaki Museum

Yanogo developed a iOS application for the swiss Bourbaki museum.A modern museum guide for students and adults has been designed. Interactive augmented reality elements create a special and new museums experience. The App was awarded with the Worlddidac Award 2016.

Rebranding Uniper Wholesale

Uniper Engery Sales GmbH was founded, after the the E.ON concern splitted. Yanogo adapted the E.ON App for key account business. The Team customized the Corporated Identity of Uniper and the content to the new App.

EuroEyes Deutschland GmbH

EuroEyes is one of the global leading provider of laser eye treatment. In coopoeration with the EuroEyes Team, Yanogo developed several innovations in the iOS and Android App for EuroEyes patient and the connected Drupal Backend. Inter alia the optimisation of Eye- and Suitability test, improved functions for Push messages with an included message archive, the new option "Route to clinic" as well as many content updates and restructurings. Yanogo accompanied the successfull migration of the Backend-Server and is IT partner for the server achritecture of the international EuroEyes locations.


Responsive Web CMS based on WordPress for a start-up in the technologies of SMA. 

Banovo App

The Banovo Bauleiter Management Mobile App allows employees: to access information needed to controll the construction site and implement the redesign of a bathroom, and to document the progress of the construction itself. 

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