iBeacons as Indoor Navigation

Even if there are building without WLAN or GPS, iBeacons can be used for navigation. Application examples are museen or the underground, with poor or no reception. Also as location determination can iBeacon be used.


iBeacons as Authentification

With iBeacons the smartphone can be used as identifier to unlook the computer automatically, this is already possible with the Mac App "Knock".


iBeacons as Mobile Payment Alternative

Mobile Payment procedures are conceivable with iBeacons. Pay Pal already uses the technology Pay Pal Beacon. A procedure, that not only sounds like Apple iBeacon, on technical scale it has the same function. In a video, published in 2016, apple demonstrates, how payment could work in future.The payment is automatically done, when leaving the shop. This might be a futuristic approach, but BLE could be developed as an alternative to NFC and payment could be done with one single click. If Apple offers its own Mobile Payment is not clear yet. Undisputable however are the efforts of Pay Pal in this field.

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